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Microsoft Office Ribbon UI Is Coming to LibreOffice

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LibreOffice 5.3 Beta hides a hidden, Microsoft Office-style ‘Ribbon’ interface.

It seems the feature has been lurking around for a little while, but as LibreOffice isn’t something I use regularly (much less poke around in) I didn’t know about it existed.

Reader James H. mails in to say: “It appears that LibreOffice will finally join the 21st century and offer an optional Ribbon like interface starting with the 5.3 release scheduled for January”.

The LibreOffice.notebookbar seeks to provide office users with an alternative (and, on Unity at least, entirely optional and opt-in) interface. While it superficially resembles Microsoft’s Ribbon interface it’s is not an exact clone.

The LibreOffice wiki page describes it as a feature that “unifies all the different toolbars and groups them in tabs. It will allow more flexible layout than the toolbars, since Glade will be used to lay out the controls.”

The latest LibreOffice dev builds ship with the feature, so if you want to, you can enable the Ribbon-like feature to see if it’s something that suits your workflow ahead of time.

Enable LibreOffice ‘Ribbon’ Interface

Again, this feature is only present in LibreOffice 5.3. If you’re running a stable series version, or any development build prior to this, you’ll need to upgrade to a newer, but less stable, development build or be patient!

But if you’re rocking a pre-release version you can try it out. How to enable the ‘LibreOffice Ribbon’? First, click through to enable the ‘notebook bar’ feature under:

  • Tools > Options > LibreOffice General > Advanced > Experimental features

Then, to show the Notebook bar, head to:

  • View > Toolbar Layout > Default/Single toolbar/Sidebar/Notebookbar

Then to customise/adjust:

  • View > Notebookbar > Tabbed/Contextual Single/Contextual Groups


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